Our duty is to preserve what the past has had to for itself, and to say for ourselves what shall be true for the future- John Ruskin

We get side tracked in life thinking about our faults, our actions and all that we failed to do or failed in. A lot of people are depressed by past mistakes and often feel like giving up for lack of good options at the present moment. Sometimes we are stopped by our mistakes and our inability to look beyond it. More often than not, our subconscious tells us we can never move on or we can never be better.

Sometimes we are not only depressed by our present circumstances but rather by our past mistakes and every time we make efforts to move on, the mistakes pop up and stare at us in the face. If you have ever heard of the phrase, “do it afraid” then you will understand it means regardless of your mistakes errors and limitations you should just move on. Success is not a natural ability, it is a process that starts as a thought and permeates our total system to gain a permanent residence in our continued endeavours. The more you look at your failure, the more you focus on mistakes, the more you believe it is not possible, the less you forgive yourself to move on.
People do not birth opportunities or birth success because of a past mistake rather these things come alive as a result of lessons learnt from mistakes and the forgiveness and the energy built to continue to develop, repair, reinvent, restructure and recover from our past failures or mistakes. The society account of your mistakes will count less when your bed is soaked with tears not enough to wake you once your worries and unforgiveness of your mistakes and past have gained you a reversal of the good life you should have had if you hadn’t allowed your errors, past mistakes and worries to pull you down. I believe mistakes, errors are a part of living, learning and developing, after all, we are humans and must be one even in the face of erroneous mistakes! On the other hand understanding the advantages of personal growth, self and emotional mastery may save you from making some mistakes. It ls about your choices and the decisions you make for your growth yet, be that as it may, no mistake should hold you from looking at the other side of life and moving on for a “betterment”.

Funmi Akerele